Hi there.

For the purposes of this blog, there’s really only two things you need to know:
1. My name’s Breanna. You can call me Bre if you like. (And I’d like to know yours – please introduce yourself anytime! Consider this an introductory hand shake or hug extending out through your screen.)

2. I love to write and travel. The Wanderluster Blog is the unification and brain child of these two passions. (Just stating the obvious for good measure…)

And that’s really all you need to know. Feel free to say deuces to pleasantries and check out the posts. Enjoy.

But if by chance you want to know a little more, feel free to read on.

I’m a recent college grad entering the real world armed with nothing but my unfailing optimism and disarming vocabulary. I firmly believe that every place is worth visiting at least once, that every person is worth talking to at least twice, and that a good day is one in which I learn or experience something new.  I’m a writer, a thinker, a big ol’ smiler, and I can usually be found doing one or all of those things.

You might have noticed that the tagline for the blog is “Getting lost is not a waste of time.” That’s something I’ve come to believe at my core. If I had to pick a motto, that would be it. Ironically, I realized this at a time when I really was lost in Rome, thought I was losing the little precious time I had remaining in the city, and not very happy about it at all. You can read about that experience here.

In creating The Wanderluster Blog, I hope to both inspire and be inspired. Interacting and connecting with the people and places around me is what I’ve found makes life worth living.

Eventually my goal is to be a bona fide, on-the-books, ain’t-no-questions-about-it, paid travel writer. I have (what I like to think is) a healthy obsession with National Geographic in particular.

So if on the off chance you’re someone who can, I don’t know, say, give me my dream job, email me. Facebook message me. Comment on a post. Just find a way to contact me. Ok? Thanks! Consider my fingers perpetually crossed.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you snoop around and stay a while.

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 Sub-Dome John Muir Trail Half Dome

52 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you, Nadia! I’m really glad I stumbled on your page as well. “Nature Wins” was rich in description and beautifully written. I loved the questions you asked at the end — made me wonder how we can forget so easily the sheer force and power nature can emanate onto humanity. Why must we always wait until it’s too late to be reminded?


      1. Thank you, Bre, for the compliments. And for connecting with the questions. I fear that we’ve incrementally, step by small step, gotten ourselves to a place where we don’t quite know what to do.
        Our relationship to this earth is so complex. I hope to continue exploring it through words and photos.

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  1. Hi Bre, nice to virtually meet you..I go by Trace, or She, and I also write about my desire to travel all the time. Unfortunately because I’m an adult and I haven’t married rich (yet!) l cannot travel as much as I’d like. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming though….:)


    1. Hi Trace! It’s nice to meet you! I’m sure over time you’ll figure out how to make those dreams a reality 😉 so don’t stop dreaming! I’m sorry for the delay in responding, but I wanted to say thanks for stopping by and for introducing yourself — I hope to get to know you and your travel dreams a little better as the blog continues.

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  2. Nice to meet you Bre, I’m Ledgardo Lacson or just call me Ledy. That nickname is known in the Philippines for 10 consecutive years in the world of Bodybuilding. I represent the Philippines in world and Asian bodybuilding championship.i have my master in physical education.had too much experience teaching in the university.now I’m retired and travelling is the one make me busy. If you have time just type my name in your computer then enter ,you will see me I you tube.and very happy to meet you . Good luck and wish you to make more travelling.


    1. Hi Ledy! It’s great to meet you. Sorry it’s taken me a little while to respond, I unfortunately haven’t been able to get on here much over the last couple of weeks, but I hope to turn that around starting now. It sounds like you have a unique background, which I’m sure gives you a unique perspective on things as well. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and for the good luck! I wish you the same in your travels as a retiree! Enjoy! 😄


    1. Thank you thank you thank you for this nomination! You can’t tell, but I’m blushing. ☺️ I’m beyond excited that you and others are finding my site both engaging and unique. I accept and I’ll be answering the questions you posed for nominees soon. 😉 Thanks again!!


  3. Hi Bre! Thanks for stopping by my page and liking my “Day 1-London” post 🙂 You’re an amazing writer! great blog. I hope your dreams come true about being a paid traveller!


  4. Thanks so much, Bre, for stopping by and your “like.” You’re a lovely writer (and the quality of writing means a lot to me), so I look forward to exploring your blog as you travel. Sorry I can’t offer you a job with National Geographic, but do feel free to come visit again anytime!


  5. Hey Bre,
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leading me to yours. I think I just discovered a gem. Looking forward to reading more posts from you. You have an interesting point of view.



    1. Agreed. A little preparation for a journey doesn’t hurt, but more often than not, getting lost is what takes us out of our heads, eliminating assumptions and expectations so we can focus on what’s in front of us rather than only looking out for the things we planned on.

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  6. “Getting lost is not a waste of time.” I agree, I got lost many times and met many lovely people and beautiful sites. When I think of being a paid travel writer as a career my eyes get all huge and glittery like anime eyes. 🙂 Good luck with your goal!


  7. Hi Breanna

    This is Swati. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am also trying to be a travel writer, planning to quit my desk job in the next 2 months, planning my trips meanwhile. Being an Indian, I have started from my country and wish to visit every place at least once as you said. But, that would take time 🙂 Let’s be an inspiration for each other till then and share stories from different parts of the world. Take care!


    1. Hi Swati! It’s great to connect with you. I hope you are able to make your plans to travel a reality, one country at a time 🙂 I would love to be inspiration for one another as you suggested — I know I could use the support sometimes when I get discouraged, so I’d love to stay in touch and exchange stories. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to talk to you soon. And you take care, too!


  8. Hi Breanna! My name is Lina, and I wanted to firstly say thank you for stopping by my blog. I am happy to have stumbled across yours, as well. I love being inspired by other travelers as I dream up my own adventures. I also got lost in Rome (twice) on my own visit there a few years ago. Like you though, in the end I felt getting lost along the cobblestone streets allowed me to explore the city in the way I may never have before. The Trevi Fountain is a tricky one to find! Anyway, I’m so excited to follow along and read about all of your upcoming adventures! I hope someday you get to land that job as a paid travel writer, what a dream that would be 🙂 –Lina


    1. Hi Lina! It’s great to connect with you. I’m so sorry for my delay in responding – I’ve been dealing with some work that unfortunately took me away from posting as much as I’ve wanted. But I’m back now (hopefully with no more delays in the future)! I’m really glad you stopped by. And thank you so much for the kind wishes! I look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures as well – I love the name of your blog by the way. 🙂 Bre

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